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At EcoLogic Homes we use great listening skills so we can gain a deep understanding of what you want. We then combine sustainability principles with your dreams to design a home that is uniquely yours and as energy efficient as possible.

With over 25 years in the industry, most of that specialising in sustainability and passive solar design, we have designed almost every type of home, for
a vast array of people with varying tastes, visions and budgets

We don't just do houses... In 2019 we designed the new Luna Theatre renovation in Leedervile


 Lets work together! 


Meet the Team


 Ken Wibberly 

As early as Ken can remember, he wanted to be an Architect…lucky he made it!

Ken completed his Bachelor of Architecture in 1990 and spent the following 30 years specialising in energy efficient and sustainable housing. He has also completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in 2013 and has spent some time lecturing at the Housing Industry Association(HIA) and TAFE in sustainable design.

Married now for 100 years, with 2 adult children and 5 grand children Ken has a particular interest in golf, cricket, life drawing and cycling, with weekly recreational bike riding and officiating at road and track cycling events as a Level 3 National cycling commissaire with AusCycling.


 Nene Lindsay 

Janine spent a lot of years as a pilot, but realised she spent most of her time in an aeroplane, looking at houses.

Then after designing and building a few houses with Ken, the last one as an Owner-Builder, she realised it was time to make the move into the industry! Janine is always the point of contact for clients and builders, and she speaks fluent "Tradie Talk".

She actually just thinks that the whole process of design, building and renovating is exciting and exhilarating, an attitude that makes most people think she’s crazy! Her goal is to try and spread her enthusiasm into the whole industry!

Janine has a very tolerant husband and adult children who let her ramble on about her favourite topic - houses- and occasionally even listen to her! Her dog, on the other hand, pays rapt attention!

We're passionate about sustainable builds and an exciting and enjoyable building experience

We like to get things going through conversation, come have a coffee

We understand there is a lot of research you need to do before committing to a home designer/builder and that's why we have created our "Good Coffee and Great Conversation Research Meeting". In this meeting, we will simply chat about where you are, what you want, and give you plain straight up advice on how to make your next step the right one. There is no obligation to do anything with us at all.

Get in touch!

We'll be in touch!

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