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 Building Design 


At EcoLogic Homes our passion is good design. Whether we’re designing your new home, renovating or extending your old home or developing a group of units, we believe that the key to an inviting and comfortable home all comes down to the time, effort and imagination put into it at the design stage. Combine these qualities with a deep and in-depth understanding of sustainability principles and you can produce a home that is not only "Energy Efficient" but beautiful, light, spacious and liveable!!

 Design Advice 


We understand that often, by the time you come across EcoLogic Homes, you have already spent a lot of time researching your new home build or renovation project. And sometimes, unfortunately, you’ve already paid someone else to design it!! And you know that, although you are mostly happy with it, there is something missing! We are more than happy to look at those plans and "tweak" it, or change it, to produce the amazing home you have always wanted!





At EcoLogic Homes we want to be able to improve the whole "Building Experience". Therefore, instead of just designing your new home or renovation, and then handing you over, we can guide you through the whole process with a select group of professional building companies, chosen because they specialise in the style of house you have designed!


Our architect at EcoLogic Homes started his career as a draftsman, therefore his attention to detail when drawing plans is second to none. So as well as drawing plans, he can produce the "Working Drawings" for use during construction and any other documentation required by builders, council and engineers!




As one of the leaders in the "Energy Efficiency" market, and passionate believers in Passive Solar Design, one of the services we offer at EcoLogic Homes is Building Inspections. We can come to your property and house and offer advice on simple changes that can be made that will make your home more comfortable to live in, maintain more even temperatures and be cheaper to run!!




Through actively staying up to date with changes and technology, one of our greatest joys at EcoLogic Homes is sharing our knowledge! We love to talk about all things "sustainable" and anything that improves not only our energy costs, but also our impact on the environment! We can offer advice on products, techniques and improvements that will help you achieve this. Our dream is to spread the word, one person at a time, and make the world believe in Sustainability as ardently as we do!

We're passionate about sustainable builds and an exciting and enjoyable building experience

We like to get things going through conversation, come have a coffee

We understand there is a lot of research you need to do before committing to a home designer/builder and that's why we have created our "Good Coffee and Great Conversation Research Meeting". In this meeting, we will simply chat about where you are, what you want, and give you plain straight up advice on how to make your next step the right one. There is no obligation to do anything with us at all.

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